Medical product - ergotec EP med Pedal

What is a medical device?

According to the German Medical Devices Act (implementation of EU Directive 93/42/EEC), these are products for the detection, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of diseases. In addition to the highest quality standards and documentation requirements in the production process, medical products must also have successful application studies. The med products from ergotec are certified in conformity with the requirements of Class 1 and thus demonstrably demonstrate the health benefits for the user.


In a study conducted by Dr. Thomas Castner with cyclists who suffered from sensory disturbances in the soles of their feet, it was shown that the use of the EP-1 med pedal was able to reduce the complaints by half in 91% of the participants. Particularly remarkable
is that in 58% of the participants it even led to a complete freedom from complaints.

With the classification and the associated procedure, ergotec provides proof that ergonomic products not only theoretically reduce discomfort when cycling, but also practically! Because the benefit is proven and documented in accordance with the law. ergotec has carried out the classification and thus demonstrated how valuable well thought-out ergonomic concepts are on the bike.

As a medical product, the ergotec pedal EP-1 med, EP-2 med, EP-S med and EP-Cargo med have been successfully certified.

EP med Pedal

The EP pedals nestle with their large and ergonomically shaped tread surfaces to the soles of the feet and thus ensure optimal power transmission and an excellent driving experience. While with conventional pedals the foot only rests on points and is deformed longitudinally due to the short pedal surface, the EP-1 pedals support the sole of the foot with their large contact surface. Complaints such as numbness or foot pain can be avoided. The inner guide rails ensure perfect positioning. The use of a short axle reduces the Q-factor (distance between the two pedals). The "foot-knee-hip" joint chain is thus aligned in line with the axis. The increase in efficiency and comfort can be felt immediately.

These medical products are intended to exemplify the performance of the ergotec product family.