A bicycle mirror offers a real bonus in terms of safety. Especially in city traffic, but also on a tour, you can reliably check the vehicles behind you at all times. At the same time you can stay in your lane more safely. Scary moments caused by suddenly overtaking vehicles are a thing of the past. Children are also safer on the road and always have everything in view.

Rear-view mirror for interior mounting

The ergotec M-77 L is easy to mount on the inside of the handlebars and thanks to its split clamp it can be fitted in the right place in just a few minutes. Usually no brake or gear lever has to be removed for mounting. The large mirror surface gives you the best rear view at all times.

Aspherical mirror

Due to the aspherical mirror surface, the field of vision of the ergotec M-99 mirror increases enormously. The blind spot is effectively reduced, offering a clear view at all times. The mirror can be rotated 360° and thus allows mounting on the right or left. The M-99 has an E-approval number and is also approved for fast e-bikes.

Classic shape

With the M-55L, ergotec offers a classic and safe mirror for indoor mounting. It stands out with a large pleasantly sized reflecting area and its timeless design. It can be mounted on the left and right handlebar side.