Mountain Bike Holidays - Erfahre deine Natur

Mountain Bike Holidays - Experience your nature

image: Mountainbike Holiday Moritz Hübner

Create your MTB vacation according to your wishes! No matter what you want to experience - from wild rides in unknown terrain to a pampering wellness program: The regions and hotels of Mountain Bike Holidays offer you concentrated MTB expertise! Certified and in premium quality. The only prerequisite: your passion for biking.

No matter if you prefer to go on the most beautiful MTB tours and spectacular single trails or if you are looking for easy tours: "Mountain Bike Holidays" is your partner when it comes to mountain biking. The hotels in the most beautiful biking regions of Austria, Italy and Slovenia make your vacation something very special. Because your hosts serve you crisp in-house MTB specialists, advise you individually and accompany you through the most breathtaking mountain landscapes of the Alps.

image: Mountainbike Holidays Felix Saller

Mountain Bike Holidays simply offers you an all-round carefree package for you and your bike - so that you can devote yourself entirely to sporting enjoyment. In addition, a range of services await you in the quality-certified bike hotels - such as video-monitored bike rooms, repair & laundry service and guided tours. The most important feature, however, is by far your in-house mountain bike specialist: Book your guided insider tour directly at the hotel and start it from the doorstep.

But it's not just the hotels, it's the hand-picked biking destinations that will make you feel like you've chosen the most extraordinary mountain biking El Dorados. There are destinations for all preferences: In the south you'll find flat hills and idyllic vineyards, in the Central Alps and the Dolomites you'll explore peaks and panoramas unique in the world. Some of the regions even meet the quality criteria specified by "Mountain Bike Holidays". Others are home to top bike centers that work closely with the hotels. What unites all bike hotels, however, is a living passion for mountain biking!

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