ergotec Safety Level System

Handlebars and stems are very responsible, because the entire weight of the rider, luggage and bike works on the steering system. The higher the weight, the higher the forces acting on the bike - when starting, when rolling and so when braking abruptly. With the ergotec Safety Level System there is a safety classification for the ergotec steering systems and seat posts of the different bicycle categories, taking into account the desired or required system weight.

The Safety Level is divided into levels 1 to 6, the higher the level, the greater the associated safety.

If two products with different safety levels are combined, the lowest value will always apply.

Starting point for the correct level is the respective permissible total weight for steering systems (rider + bike + luggage) and for seat posts (rider + backpack) in connection with the bike type e.g. trekking bike, city bike, e-bike etc..

All ergotec products are subjected to hard long-term testing in the in-house test centre, both individually and in combination, and are tested at least in accordance with European test standards, often in accordance with higher requirements. Accordingly, guarantee promises can be made for products with the Safety Level.

For the MTB sector, there is Safety Level 6+.

Since there are different vehicle categories, especially in the MTB sector (Active / All Mountain / Cross Country / Dirt Jump / Downhill / Enduro / Trail), possible jump heights were also included. This is possible due to the extensive tests carried out in the ergotec test centre as well as the many years of cooperation with the 4-x world champion Tomas Slavik and the resulting knowledge from competition use.

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