Strengthening and stretching the muscles

You can keep your body fit and healthy with simple exercises. We show you special exercises for cyclists that can protect you from discomfort and pain. You will get the most benefit if you manage to do the exercises regularly several times a week.



Strengthening the muscles

To save you a lot of time searching for suitable exercises, we have chosen three that you should do three or four times a week. These exercises are not magic, but old friends in a new outfit. It's best to do the exercises in cycles: perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then switch directly to the next one. The first cycle is over after two minutes. Depending on your fitness level, you can do between one and four cycles. Simply put on some music and get started.

Exercise 1

When performed correctly, push-ups are the perfect exercise for the back and abdomen as well as for the arms and shoulders. It is important to have high body tension, the body must be straight. Different variations with narrow and wide arm movements as well as fast and slow are possible. It becomes really difficult when you alternately lift your feet off the floor, preferably with high frequency. If you can't do normal push-ups, you can do them on your knees or with your legs raised to your hips or knees on the bed.

Exercise 2

Abdominal boxing is a dynamic abdominal exercise where you lie on your back with your head and shoulders lifted and punch quickly and forcefully into the air. Your legs are in the air and bent 90° at the knee. To make it more difficult, you can come up really high every few seconds and also punch sideways occasionally.

Exercise 3

The spiderman push-up is very similar to normal push-ups, but they dynamically exercise the abdomen and back. With forearm push-ups, you alternately raise the knee cleanly but briskly to the respective elbow.

Stretching the muscles

Stretching relaxes overworked and cramped muscles after or during cycling. You can do some stretching at every break without much effort. As long as you don't cause yourself pain, you're not doing anything wrong. Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds.

Exercise 1

Neck and throat muscles:

The head is tilted forward, left and right. The shoulder axis does not change its position parallel to the floor. Then turn the head as far as possible to the left and hold the position, then do the same to the right. In support, the hands can pull the back of the head forward.

Exercise 2

Upper arm and shoulder:

One hand is placed under the chin past the opposite shoulder. The other hand is used to push the elbow towards the shoulder.

Exercise 3

Forearms and wrists:

Clasping the handlebars causes the forearm muscles to tense. The wrist is over-extended with the arm straight and raised. The palm of the hand points away from the body and the fingertips down. The fingers can also be stretched individually in this way.

Exercise 4

Back and backs of thighs:

First stand bolt upright and make yourself very tall with your arms raised, then lower your arms and very slowly begin to bend your head onto your chest. The back becomes round, first in the thoracic spine, then also in the lumbar spine area, until you finally droop down in a relaxed position with your legs stretched out. The hands now almost touch the feet. Just as slowly, you straighten up again until you are completely upright again. An excellent relaxing exercise for the back is suspension. Hang from a pole or branch with one or both arms and let yourself hang as long as you can hold the position.

Exercise 5

Front of the thighs:

To better maintain balance, you can hold onto a wall while stretching the quadriceps. Grasp the foot raised towards the buttocks with the left hand at the instep and slowly pull it towards the gluteus maximus until a firm feeling of tension is felt in the muscle. The hips should be brought slightly forward, making sure that the thighs remain parallel and the upper body is upright. Duration 20-30 seconds per side.

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