Important: grips need to be functional - non-slip, secure, comfortable to hold and as robust as possible because they are exposed to all kinds of weather. Equally important: grips must be ergonomic - fitting the size of the hand and shaped in such a way that the pressure is evenly distributed.

Ergonomic grips

The palm of the hand rests on the anatomically shaped grip. The contact surface is enlarged. This means that the strain is better distributed. Nerves and blood vessels are no longer squeezed in the carpal tunnel running on the inside.

Correct position

Please note: rotate the grip into the correct position and fix it in place. This prevents the nerves and vessels in the wrist from "kinking". The ball of the hand is optimally supported.

Wrong position

Wrong position: excessive strain on the bent wrist and on the ball of the hand. The nerves and blood vessels are kinked.

Grip positions

The right way to cycle: move the whole body and don't stay in one basic position! Joints and muscles that "freeze" in a basic position are subjected to one-sided strain. This leads to fatigue and ultimately to pain.

The ideal solution is to cycle in a physically aware and dynamic way. This is best supported by handlebars that invite you to vary your grip position. Hands, arms, shoulders and neck in particular benefit from targeted changes in posture.


Multi-position handlebars offer maximum dynamic variety for the hands, arms and back. It is worth accepting the somewhat more elaborate appearance of the "cockpit". You get many times more comfort - especially on longer rides.

With the lower grip position the upper body is more inclined, there is less air resistance during the ride. The fingers are close to the brake lever, ready for use.

In the middle grip position, the arm and wrist are naturally upright and relaxed. For a fast ride or uphill travel. Variety for muscles and joints.

In the upper grip position the upper body is in a relaxed, restful upright position for a slow ride.

Bar ends

Classical handlebars with only one grip position can be extended to two grip positions by adding bar ends. This addition is inexpensive and also usually easy to retrofit.

The easy change between a flat and an upright hand position prevents fatigue and numbness of the fingers. Only available from ergotec: bar ends with a ball joint.

All angles are freely adjustable to the personal ideal position!