Strengthening and stretching the muscles

You can keep your body fit and healthy with simple exercises. We show you special exercises for cyclists that can protect you from discomfort and pain. You will get the most benefit if you manage to do the exercises regularly several times a week.

Exercises before, during and after cycling

We have put together six short videos with exercises for you so that you don't need to waste time looking for suitable ones. All the exercises are easy to do and will save you time. It's best to repeat the exercises regularly to enjoy healthy cycling even more in future.

Warming up before cycling

If the body is not warmed up before cycling the result can be injuries, torn muscle fibre and strains. With our exercises you can prevent this in less than two minutes - afterwards your musculoskeletal system will be more resilient and the ligaments and tendons will be more elastic. So let's go!

Recovery exercises during short cycling breaks

Long bike rides can cause tension in the areas of the head, neck, arms, hands and other parts of the body. Simply take a break for a few minutes and use this time to loosen up with short exercises and make it supple again. Afterwards you can start again in a completely relaxed way.

Exercising the legs after cycling

During cycling, the muscles in your legs and buttocks in particular are exercised. When you cycle vigorously you often feel a heaviness in your legs immediately afterwards or the next day. Our simple exercises will revitalise your legs and speed up regeneration.

Strength training for cyclists

For healthy cycling you don't just need endurance, but also sufficient strength in the relevant parts of your body. Our exercises will help you build up more strength for your cycling tours without expensive sports equipment. If you exercise regularly several times a week, you will soon notice that you can exert more power on the pedals.

Stretching exercises for cyclists

A high degree of mobility in the muscles and joints is an important prerequisite for healthy cycling. With our uncomplicated exercises you can prevent muscle tightness, promote mobility and balance and do something good for the connective tissues of your muscles.

Muscle recovery after cycling

Your muscles work hard during strenuous cycling. Afterwards, give them a well-deserved rest with our exercises - the blood circulation is improved and the muscle fibres can regenerate faster. In addition, after an extended bike ride you should always take a rest day without any sporting activities.