The parts replacement of e-bikes

Handlebar - stem combinations without risk – you should pay attention before changing parts on e-bikes.

Unfortunately, there has been a big confusion on the market regarding the replacement of components on e-bikes. The guidelines for the parts replacement of e-bikes / pedelecs was also created by ZIV (Zweirad-Industrie Verband), VSF (Verbund Service und Fahrrad), Zedler-Institut, VELOTECH, TÜV Rheinland and Zweiradmechaniker-Handwerk.

The Guidelines for the parts replacement provides an overview of which components on e-bikes may be replaced on one's own responsibility. It provides a detailed list of all components on the bike. The list is divided into four categories and subdivided according to the guidelines for e-bikes/pedelecs up to max. 25 km/h and for fast bikes up to max. 45 km/h, which are subject to the legal requirements of the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Attention: e-bikes with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h are subject to the machinery directive.

Fast e-bikes with pedal assistance up to 45 km/h are classed as motor vehicles and are subject either to directive 2002/24/EG or EU-Regulation No. 168/2013.

Risk-free combinations: Tested units for greater Safety

Ergotec tested handlebar and stem combinations in the own test center according to the relevant requirements for e-bikes. So that they can be free combined with each other. The Clearance certificate for conversion of the handlebar/ stem combination you will find on  (