Bike-Commuting – ergonomic and safe to work

There are many reasons to commute to work by bike or e-bike. We will give you tips how to start commuting by bike - and how to enjoy it.

Protecting the environment, increasing your own fitness, being a role model for your colleagues. There are more than enough arguments for bike commuting. According to the German Bicycle Club (ADFC), more than four million Germans already regularly commute to and from work.

As a commuter, you are not only a trendsetter, but in many cases also very time-efficient on your way to work. According to the ADFC, cyclists outperform all other road users in urban traffic over distances of up to five kilometers. On an e-bike, you're even the fastest up to ten kilometers.

Plan your entry carefully

If you want to start commuting by bike, you should prepare yourself thoroughly. Beginners can familiarize themselves with the new situation by first cycling the way to work in a relaxed manner during their free time. From this, conclusions can be drawn about the required travel time and the individual commuting needs.

If you don't have a bike yet, qualified retailers can help you choose the right type of bike. In addition to the length and nature of your commute, one of the most important aspects is whether you are a relaxed or a sporty type of rider. In addition, more and more manufacturers are offering special commuter bikes whose geometry and equipment are designed for commuting from the outset.

Ergonomics play a key role

For you to enjoy commuting in the long term, pain should not play a role when cycling from the beginning. The prerequisite for this is that the bike or e-bike is optimally adjusted to your body. Your ergotec dealer with ergotec scanner will be happy to help you adjust your bike with a bike fitting for the daily tour to work.

Your specialist dealer is also the right contact when it comes to making your bike fit for commuting in terms of safety. Keep in mind, for example, that you will regularly be riding in the dark in the fall and winter. Therefore, equip your bike with modern headlights and taillights from a manufacturer such as Busch + Müller. Their models can contribute decisively to your safety with well thought-out features such as an optimally illuminated light pattern or a brake light integrated into the rear light. Tip: Make sure that your lighting is StVZO-approved.

Confident in car traffic

If you cycle a lot in traffic on your way to work, you should also consider installing a bicycle rear view mirror. With this accessory, you always have an optimal view of the traffic behind you and can move much more relaxed. An innovative manufacturer like ergotec produces a variety of individual rear view mirror models, which convince not only with ergonomics and safety, but also with an attractive design and easy installation.

Arrive dry

Viele Commuting-Einsteiger, die zunächst nur bei gutem Wetter pendeln, sind von den positiven Effekten bald so überzeugt, dass sie zum Allwetter-Commuter werden. Spätestens jetzt solltest Du Dir Gedanken über den passenden Regenschutz machen. Hersteller wie Vaude bieten ein hochwertiges Sortiment an Fahrrad-Regenbekleidung, die wasserdicht und zugleich atmungsaktiv ist. Achte in jedem Fall darauf, dass Jacke und Hose nicht zu weit sind und verhältnismäßig eng am Körper anliegen – sonst ist der Windwiderstand beim Fahren unangenehm hoch. Idealerweise rundet ein wasserdichter Überzug für Deinen Fahrradhelm Dein Outfit ab.

Where to put your notebook & co.

Especially in the age of flexible working with home office phases, many employees always have mobile devices and other paraphernalia with them on the way to work. Commuters have two options in this situation: Numerous commuters use a specialized bike backpack, such as Ortlieb's waterproof "Commuter Daypack." Other riders, on the other hand, appreciate a free back and therefore opt for one or two rear panniers. In addition to the classic "Back Roller" from Ortlieb, there are a variety of bike bags from manufacturers such as Deuter or Vaude for your individual needs.

Commuting pays

Commuting by bike is not only good for your fitness, but also for your finances. You save on car fuel, parking fees and nerves. What's more, you can claim the same commuter allowance for your commute to work by bike or e-bike as you can for a car.

Also, ask your employer if they will provide you with a bike or e-bike through company bike leasing. With this model, your bike is subsidized by up to 40 percent, and you can use the bike on your way to work as well as in your free time. Online portals such as BusinessBike, which was awarded the "Best on the Net" seal by Focus Money, make company bike leasing easy for you and your employer.

Not to mention: Commuting regularly gets you out in the fresh air, burns extra calories and gets you fitter - all things that are priceless.