Mehr Sicherheit im Straßenverkehr

Rear-view mirrors for greater safety

Rear-view mirrors are one of the most important components when it comes to road safety.

Whether it's in congested city traffic or on tour, because of the bike's lack of bumpers it's especially important for riders of bikes and e-bikes to have an optimal view of the road traffic at all times. With a rear-view mirror on your handlebars you can master many traffic situations much more safely.

Road traffic legislation stipulates that when overtaking, turning and changing lanes, care must be taken not to endanger other road users. In addition to looking over their shoulder, car drivers have always used their interior and exterior mirrors for this purpose. Many cyclists, on the other hand, rely exclusively on looking over their shoulder and do without the assistance of mirrors - mainly because these useful aids are not part of the legally prescribed standard equipment of a bicycle.

A rear-view mirror saves you a lot of stress

However, in many complex traffic situations not using a rear-view mirror can lead to unnecessary stress. Every time you look behind you, your attention is distracted from the traffic in front of you. In these moments you also can't see the cockpit of your bike. With a rear-view mirror, on the other hand, you can easily assess the traffic situation behind your bike even before looking over your shoulder, which means that you can turn, overtake or change lanes much more confidently. This means that you not only gain a better overview, but also have a more relaxed riding style.

In principle, rear-view mirrors are a great advantage for every bike and e-bike. In some cases, however, you benefit in particular: with rear-view mirrors, heavier and less clearly arranged bicycle types such as cargo bikes or heavily laden touring bikes can be manoeuverd through traffic a lot more safely. Bicycle rear-view mirrors are also a good recommendation if you are travelling with a children's bicycle trailer - you can then keep an eye on the kids at all times. And for fast e-bikes (S-pedelecs) with a vehicle speed rating of up to 45 km/h, a bicycle mirror is required by law anyway.

Pay attention to its functional suitability

When buying a rear-view mirror, you should make sure that the functionality and quality are right. Before you make your purchase, decide whether the mirror should be mounted on the inside of your handlebars next to the grip or on the outside of the handlebars. Mounting it on the outside can make sense, for example, if your inner handlebar area is already taken up by a headlight and a bike navigation system. Ergotec offers many of its mirror models for both mounting options: a large "L" after the model number (e.g. ergotec M-77 L) indicates the respective version for the inner area of the handlebar.

In addition, it is of course essential that your new rear view mirror offers you a large and functional viewing area. The ergotec M-88 and M-99 rear view mirrors are ideal in this respect because they have an aspherical mirror surface that significantly reduces any blind spots. By the way, both ergotec rear-view mirrors and other ergotec models are also available as part of the LV series, which is characterised by the fact that the mirrors can be folded in without tools. This is always helpful, for example, when you want to park your bike or e-bike in a tight space.

Your specialist dealer knows the optimum solution

And another tip: if your fast e-bike (S-pedelec) with a vehicle speed rating of up to 45 km/h is to be equipped with the legally required bicycle mirror, make sure that the component bears the official e-test number - such as the ergotec M-77 or the ergotec M-99.

If you have any questions, your specialist dealer is the right person to contact. Not only will he help you choose the right rear view mirror, but he will also be happy to install it professionally for you.